dG vs x|R [3-1 WIN]

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dG vs x|R  [3-1 WIN] Empty dG vs x|R [3-1 WIN]

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 15, 2010 2:01 pm

dG. win 3 - x|R lose 1

1.) x|R choose Dom Skidrow.

x|R win 200 to 115

Bad host is bad, this wasn't really our fault. Had we have a good host I believe we would have won this match. They were not that good.

2.) dG. Choose HQ Skidrow.

dG. win 250 - x|R lose 95

We changed host for this game. This game proved we were the better team, with good connection we showed our worth.

They then pretty much rage quited and turned there ps3's off.

So dG. win 3 - x|R lose 1


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