dG. Vs xTu [3-0 WIN]

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dG. Vs xTu [3-0 WIN] Empty dG. Vs xTu [3-0 WIN]

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 30, 2010 7:42 am

dG. win 3 - xTu lose 0

1.) dG. choose Domination Terminal

dG- win 185 - xTu lose 135

This game was a tight one, with flags being capped all over the map. We started this match of great capping C adn B straight off. The main problem with this game was the fact that as soon as we heard that flag was being capped we would all go to it, thus leaving our captured flags defenseless, this almost cost us the game on four occasions.

MVP'S: oSweeTz and Matthew2909

2.) xTu choose Sabotage Highrise

dG. win 1 - xTu lose 0

This game went back and forth, we seemed to be pumping them most of the game though. They luckily go to our bomb site a couple of time but were unable to plant. We pulled of many plants on their site but were very inconsistent with our defense of the bomb site after the plant. Finally we got the plant of and held it Smile. I would also like to add in i got a triple getting the bomb back, then getting another triple with bomb and then getting a double all in one fire fight Very Happy.

MVP'S: DiiViiNE--SIL3NT, oSweeTz-, Matthew2909 and iiMPaKT--

3.) dG. choose Demolition Favela

dG. win 2 - xTu lose 0

We just played really well, we just pushed there bomb site and set up around them very well. We got A fairly easy considering that A is usually the hard bomb site to plant.

MVP'S: oSweeTz-, DiiViiNE--SIL3NT, Matthew2909 and DylaanDG

Overall: It seems that with every friendly and tourney match we play that we are getting better and better. Im quite proud after today when i thought of what Divine use to be.


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