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dG. Vs nL Empty dG. Vs nL

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 06, 2010 11:34 am

dG. win 2 - nL lose 1

1.) nL choose SnD terminal.

nL win 4 - dG lose 2

basically guys we were not playing well, we didn't really ever look like winning this one. I'm putting this down to the fact that we had only just come online and had not gone through our normal prehand tactics.

MVP: Freakz--

2.) dG. Choose HQ Skidrow.

dG. win 225 - nL lose 115

Well we should have won by a lot more, but then again we really were not playing to great. The tactics for this map won it for us, one thing were over doing is smoking the HQ. My thoughts on smoking the HQ is that we only do it when the HQ is 2 seconds off being online and even then only have 2 smokes and then smoking after they end, this would only go on untill we capture.

3.) nL choose CTF Favela

dG. win 5 - nL lose 2

Well they really should not have picked this, even though we don't do tactics for this map we are very strong on it. I have to put this in though, I got a 5 man spray to save our flag at the very start and Freakz-- falcon punched some noob from the roof, was some funny shit. But back to the matter at hand we cappe there flag quickly twice then they got 1 back on us, this is where our defense slipped we held them well but we lapsed in our communication. Luckily Matthew2909 got one more cap. We knew we had the win at this point so we decided to all push back and defend, except DiiViiNE--SIL3NT. I pushed up and grabbed 2 more flags bringing us to 5.

Overall: Guys we playing shocking, really one of our worst clan wars. We didn't play properly in the search, didn't capitalise on situation in the HQ and let them get 2 flags on us. Guys we need to fix this up ok, clan tactics is starting fully tomorrow, no ransoms no nothing, if u don't want to be serious don't come in lobby. I mean no smart ass comments no joking around only team talk.


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