dG. Vs nL

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dG. Vs nL Empty dG. Vs nL

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:28 am

dG. win 3 - nL lose 0

1.) dG. choose CTF terminal

dG. win 1 - nL lose 0

Ok so we warmed up with this map a fair bit and tactics and played alright. Aside from matts childish rage quite the game went well. Static and I did well acting as our teams slayers, most of the time we picke of enough of nL's flag rubbers that our defence would hold easily. I don't know why we didn't win by alot of flags, I'm going to put it down to it wasn't our day.

MVP's: Staticpro and oSweeTz-

2.) nL choose SnD terminal

dG. win 4 - nL lose 0

What can be said they chose a map we are extremly confident with. From the first round we dominated, we rushed planted A and took out 3 of there team straight away we then held then of for rest of round. The game pretty much went like this till the end with dG. taking out nL pretty easily. CesDog had his god mode turned on for this game, when I died I remember spectating him and seeing himtake out three guys while he was just just casually walking by hahah.

MVP: Ces "the god mode' Dog

3.)dG. choose HQ skidrow

dG. win 230 - 100

this game doesn't even need a write up, were simply to good at map to loose, I think we've only ever lost it once or twice.

MVP: doesn't need one were amazing.

Overall: Great clanwar we put our tactics into practice and pumped the shit out of nL who are pretty decent on 6A. I think Milo played really well in his first clan war for us, he was told before game this was his chance to prove himself and he really did. Good work Milo.


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dG. Vs nL Empty Re: dG. Vs nL

Post by Tiger on Mon Oct 11, 2010 11:43 am

LOL Matt!

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