dG. Vs TnG*

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dG. Vs TnG* Empty dG. Vs TnG*

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 03, 2010 2:05 am

Guys we knew we were going to win this war from the start.

1.) TnG* pick Domination (not sure on map)

dG. win by Forfeit

dG. Win - TnG* Lose

2.) dG. Pick HQ Skidrow

dG. Win 250 - TnG* Lose 0

HQ skidrow is shaping up to be one of our strongest maps and modes, we read the map well and adjust to all situations on it. Some things thati think will help us out abit more though is frag spam, now I know we complain about this but how many times has this disrupted us. This tactic may be cheap but is allowd and we must use it. A good things from this match though is our communication, we talk alot during our wars and this is great, I'd also like to say one of our current trialers played well this game, Ak47god played really well when I was not able to play.

MVP's: Matthew2909 and DiiViiNE--SIL3NT

TnG* pick SnD Favela

dG. Win 4 - TnG* Lose 3

SnD is one of our worst game types and this is because we focus alot of attention of HQ, in HQ I'd gaurentee that we are one of the best in AUS and could compete with any top clan in this mode. But SnD is a problem, we seem to be strong in Defence and Weak in attack. We need to learn more then just rush plant, we also need to learn how to take control of the maps first. A key to this is controlong the three choke points on every map.

MVP's: DiiViiNE--SIL3NT and Ak47god

Clan battle result: dG. Win 3 - TnG* Lose 0


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